Who Is Restyled Mom

Postivie OutlookSome days I have felt defeated in various areas of my life –faith, money, love life (or lack thereof), parenting, and even something as simple as the clothes I wore.

I decided something had to change, and I knew it would not happen overnight.  Through lots of tears and even more prayers, I began to change my mind-set and my thoughts.  Hence, a Restyled Mom began to evolve.

My faith has grown and is still growing.  While my money is still slightly funny and change rather strange, I am working a plan and it is getting better.  The love life, on the other hand, that’s one where we will have to see what is in store.

Through this blog, I want you to journey with me.   Be Inspired in your FAITH; motivated with your finances; encouraged physically and spiritually, and look fashionable while doing it all!  You do not have to be a single mom, like myself, to be a #RestyledMom –though some parts of this blog will address single parenting.

Restyled Mom is about restyling and/or rediscovering aspects of your life you may have thought were gone, never existed, or you simply gave up on the idea.  Together, we will explore faith, family and friends, finances, fitness, fashion and whatever else is out there for us Restyled Moms to conquer!

Are you ready?!  I sure hope you are.  Get ready to ROCK as a #RestyledMom.


Your “Restyled Mom” | KimberlyH.

3 thoughts on “Who Is Restyled Mom

  1. Kimberly, you are doing a great job being a good example for your daughter. Keep up the good work, one step at a time. You can do this! When God is for us, who can stand against us? No one. He gets the victory everytime. Blessings! Kelly


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