The One Must Do When Things Fall Apart

Of course, as I typed my post “Broke, Busted and Disgusted”, the universe saw me typing every word pertaining to any form of debt freedom.  From here, the tests began -and the tests are happening as we near Christmas!

While taking my daughter to the dentist,  I recalled needing to pay the co-pay.  “Okay universe, I got this”, I thought to myself, “my budget is still in tact.”  Since making my monthly budget, I suddenly have extra money.  HA universe! I will share my budget in a separate post (be on the look out for it).

Back to the universe and what it was trying to do.  The universe said, “That’s not how I am going to take you out; that’s too easy.  A mere co-pay”… Bahahaha  (insert evil villain laugh).

Of freakin’ course!  The kid has 2 cavities, which cost at least $200 to fill.    Right now, I feel like a crappy mom who could have done better flossing the kid’s teeth.  Though the dentist reassured me it was not my fault, I still feel like crud.  This is where the universe began its reign of terror.  It started with the dentist and moved to the garbage disposal, which suddenly no longer worked.  Okay, this isn’t huge.  I don’t necessarily need a garbage disposal.  Mommy now takes a breath and moves the garbage disposal down on the laundry list of many ‘things to do’ around the home.  One.  Two.  Three…someone said counting helps with getting into a calm and relaxed state.  Twenty-one.  Twenty-two.  Great gracious!  How far into this count do I need to go?!  By now, I have travelled into several states; calmed nor relaxed have been stopping points.

I heard a song which said if you say His name…”Jesus”…then the atmosphere must change.  Okay.  Here we go….”Jesus!”.  No gusts of wind over me.  No lights flickering. No burning bushes.

But wait.  I blink my eyes and…ahhh.  Okay.  I get it.  Just like that.  I get it.  Faith the size of a mustard seed. Mustard seed Faith 1

Restyled Moms I just want you to know; as a matter of fact, I need you to know…there will be times when things fall apart. Please stay encouraged and know that its things that fall apart.  You are far more important than things.

Scream, if you must.  Count, if that works for you.  Most importantly and above all, pray and have faith.  It may not be any sudden and drastic change; but I assure you, God is working on your behalf.  Keep the Faith Restyled Mom; Keep the Faith.  Things will fall apart BUT GOD PUTS THEM BACK TOGETHER.  In His own time.


Your Restyled Mom…who is sharing her mustard seeds and wants you to lean more into your faith

Bonus: Check out “Conscious Trust” to start leaning more into your faith 😉

Conscious Trust

“Test will come when you are practicing conscious trust in and dependency on God.” ~Some wise person

One week. One week of conscious trust. When was the last time you walked in what you were saying? You know that old saying, ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’. Have you ever purposefully decided to become fully aware of every little moment and give each one of those individual moments to God?

I am talking about trusting God with your next power move right down to depending on Him to help you with something as minimal as doing your own hair. Yep folks, I even whispered to God, “Lord I trust you to help me do this hair and not look like a chia pet when I’m done.”

Of course my trust was put to the test. My air conditioner suddenly stop blowing cold air, in the middle of summer, and IN TEXAS! Have you ever been to Texas in August?! Here’s how God said let me show you how I will reward you for your trust and dependency on me. What I thought would be at least $1,000 to fix, turned out to be a little less than $300.  Awesome!  Well not so awesome if you are just broke and don’t have $300.  I get that; which being Broke, Busted and Disgusted is covered under the Finance section of Restyled Mom, and you should read it.

My week of conscious trust was dedicated to giving EVERYTHING to God. Here are some of my prayers and thoughts I conscientiously gave to God -some thoughts deeper than others.

  • Lord I trust you with seasoning this meal I am preparing. (Everything people.)
  • Lord I trust you with my family – though it’s just the two of us, I trust you have us where you want us, right now, at this very moment.
  • Lord I trust you with my career.
  • Lord I tTrust wordrust you with the patience to actually clean my closet.
  • Lord I give you my faith and trust that you will shape my heart to be the women you desire. I am depending on you to cultivate my faith and my heart  for your glory.

“Blessings on all who reverence and trust the Lord –on all who obey Him”  Psalm 128:11  (Share the encouragement and Tweet this)

No matter how great or small, make a conscious effort to fully trust God with it all.  Leave me a comment what you will consciously entrust to God.  I’d like to pray for you.


Your Restyled Mom…who wants you to Trust

Fresh Out of Whine

While watching Scandal (one of my many TV faves), one of the characters (Cyrus Bean) told Mellie, “Your answer will define your future.”

Oh how this resonated within me and made me ask myself, “What have I been speaking into the universe to define my future?”  My friends and I often have discussions about our goals and aspirations –some farfetched and some quite attainable.  However, one thing we always stay attuned to is the scripture found in Proverbs 18:21.  “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love to talk will have to eat their own words” (God’s Word Translation).

The more I thought about it, the more I realized the words I was speaking were not words to build.  I was beginning to whine (a lot).  I would say things like ‘I only want to serve the Lord; nothing else matters”, followed by, “no lying, cheating man matters”…see where my heart really was?  It surely wasn’t on serving the Lord.  It was more focused on the hurt rather than the One who could heal that hurt.  Last year, I felt like I was all over the place –mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I was in a one man battle, trying to understand such things like why am I in my thirties and not married; why does it seem as if I am near my break through BUT STILL NOT ACTUALLY BREAKING THROUGH; why when I try to pray, it seems so hard to do.  I mean praying is just a conversation with my closest friend.  Right?

As I am sharing a little of what my “whinery” was stocked with, I am also chuckling to myself while I write this post because here are the facts.  Continue reading

Shout Out to Your Destiny

Discouragement is always lurking its ugly head around the corner like a stalker.  How many times have you been elated, on a natural high, just thinking about the positive moves you are making or will soon make?  How many times have you had your plan of attack in place and then WHAM!?  Out of nowhere, the sink gets clogged, your child is acting like a total ‘buttmunch”, and/or the ex calls (ironically right when you are getting to your ‘I’ve moved on’ point).   It has happened to us all, but let’s try to start looking at this differently.

When life is hitting you with those sharp, closed fist punches, stand tall and give a Shout Out to Your Destiny!  Sounds strange?  Yeah, I know.  However, there will be things that will come in an attempt to rob you of your joy, your self-motivation, your happy feelings (I really enjoy Frankie Beverly and Maze J). Nevertheless, stand tall and think about the fact that you are destined for greatness, and your greatness is only as great as you are willing to make it.

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” Continue reading


In an era filled with multiple selfies, on tons of social media sites and hashtags such as #SelfieSaturday or #JustMe, followed by “like” buttons, tell me…Who do you think you are?  Can you truly answer this question? And when I say “truly”, I mean get honest with yourself. Right down to the nittrue selfiety-gritty truth.

If I gave you an envelope and told you to list on the outside how you think others see you, what would you list?

Meanwhile, inside that same envelope, on a piece of paper, how would you describe yourself?  Is it in line with how others see you? Is there a mask you wear displaying one thing on the outside, yet hiding how you actually see yourself on the inside?

For me, this was a challenge and a huge REALITY CHECK.  Over the years, how others have described me versus how I have seen myself has been an eye opener. I realized I have been my own road block standing in my way and at times, sending myself on a detour. I have suffered from False Evidence Appearing Real Syndrome, also referred to as the “F” word. You know the one… F.E.A.R.S. Be it fear of rejection, fear of yet another broken heart, or even fear of success. Yes! You read that correctly –Fear of Success –amongst a host of other things. I told you, I am looking at the nitty-gritty TRUTH!

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my days when I have to “check myself”. However, at the beginning of it all, I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. In becoming a “Restyled Mom”, I make it an obligation to remind myself that the only fear I need is the one in Psalm 139:14, which tells me that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Another translation reads, “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous –how well I know it.” (New Living Translation)

Now don’t run off and try to tell people, “God made me complex, so just accept it.” No. This is a unique complex that says you have been designed exactly how God wants you, but you have to start accepting the good parts of yourself.  It’s not all bad; I promise.  Jeremiah 1:5 points out that God knew you before He formed you in your mother’s womb.  However, you have to be willing to move out of your own way and walk in that Godly design. And if you’re sitting there thinking I have this figured out (whatever you have defined this to be)…think again. I too am on this journey with you of being a Restyled Mom and constantly praying to walk in my handcrafted, designer’s original #TrueSelfie.


Your Restyled Mom…who is rediscovering her #TrueSelfie