#TuesdayExchange Spotlight On…


Today’s #TuesdayExchange is all about the fashion!

I am pleased to offer your fashionista taste buds the delightful, well thought out stylings of Renae Antoinette’s The Ultimate Style Diary. I’ve always known Renae to be stylish but when you read her style blog and see how she fuses pieces together -you’ll want to solicit her services.  Not everyone can take Chanel and mix it with JCP (JCPenney) and it all look so chic, polished and dare I say…affordable.  Affordability isn’t always associated with glam, but Renae does a fine job of giving you high end pieces methodically interwoven with great, affordable finds.  And this Restyled Mom, who just so happens to be a single mom, is always up for looking “datable” (lol) while still being able to pay for my child’s next extra-curricular activity.

Be Stylish and Enjoy!


Your Restyled Mom…who is stepping up her style game!

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